Malena (2000) BRRiP 720p X264 11

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Malena (2000) BRRiP 720p X264 11

[Tìm lý 1 Link] Malena (2000) UNCUT 720p – Ascetic_trip [CPUL] 0 MP4 | 3.22 GiB RAM: 11.02 MB / Total:. Malena (2000) Uncut 720p [BRRip][x264][Uncrated][Italian][hevc] – Nikklu [Phoacx]. has been said to have “built a career on sexual harassment”. Our system of justice requires rigorous and robust checks and balances. It is not merely about the truth of the matter. The judicial system is not only about truth. It is not merely about whether a person has been innocently entrapped. It is not merely about the damage that was caused by the original crime. The judicial system in its entirety is designed to ensure that such opinions are relegated to one side of a case so that the truth can be ascertained.

There are also issues of freedom. When a lawyer frames his client in a certain way then that can be used against them by a subsequent prosecution. The truth is somewhere in the middle of the case and cannot be separated and the truth as it relates to freedom cannot be separated either.


It is not the role of the judiciary to serve as a vehicle to resolve such conflicts. When the truth is elicited by evidence in a trial, witnesses are cross-examined by the lawyers. No-one who is interested in the truth would want it to be more important than another witness who is being cross-examined. The final truth about the matter is adjudicated by a jury. The jury has not been subjected to lawyers. The jury has not been cross-examined about what it believes is the truth about the matter. No-one can tell a jury what the truth is or how it should decide a matter.


We therefore do not need a regime of vexatious litigation. We do not need a body of judges who make their living out of fighting these cases or levying costs against people who lose, because that would be contrary to the interests of justice.

The defamation law of NSW has not worked effectively as it is intended to be. Some of the current protection afforded to defendants in defamation cases is disproportionate and over-broad, and the current test for defamation is far too low, in my view.

The alternative is to strike down the law and to require a test which


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