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The New Caledonian passerine birds are a group of passerine birds endemic to the Australo-Antarctic region of the island of New Caledonia, south-eastern Australia and New Zealand.

Taxonomy and systematics
The group is usually divided into several subgroups based on a combination of differences in bill structure and colour. The three main groups are the “endemic hill-forbs and grasses”, the broad-bills or “broad-billed grassbird” group and the “long-billed grassbird” group. The “broad-bills” includes the genus Ammospiza, the “long-billed grassbirds” includes Rhinorhynchus and the subgenus Recurvirostra. There is uncertainty as to whether a number of other genera (e.g. Eurylaimus) belong here or not.

The taxonomy of the group has been subject to considerable revision. The genera Rhinorhynchus, Rhinirhynchus, Phalaropus, Acanthiza, and Atrichornis have all been moved from the broadbill group to the longbill grassbird group (now considered a supergroup) as have the genus Apaloderma and later subgenera Recurvirostra.

The genera (numbers in parentheses after name) are

Subfamily Acanthizinae:
Cincloramphus, Hemixos (2)
Stipiturus, Paroreomyza, Stizostoma
Subfamily Aulacorhynchinae:
Eulacorhynchus, Ac